Vegetarian Calzone

Calzone is a pizza folded in half with the stuffing inside. I make calzones as a variation of pizza and bake them in my cast iron pan. My daughter loves them. In fact she was so hungry when I made these, I forgot to press the edges with the tines of the fork to give it a decorative edge. There was no difference in taste, though, and the calzone was gone pretty quickly.

I use the same wild yeast leavened dough as I use for my regular pizza. The taste is great and filling choices are endless.You can use any vegetables you like. Since the dough is folded in half you can vegetables that you might no use on regular pizza. It is a lot easier to use mozzarella cheese as you do not have to watch it as much as you do on a regular pizza. Just add a little shredded cheese and pizza sauce with the vegetables. I used my go to recipe for pizza sauce.

Calzones are very filling as they have close to twice the quantity of dough in each slice. Making thin crust helps in reducing the amount of dough.

You will need
200 gm ball of pizza dough (I used this recipe)
1 medium onion
12-15 leaves spinach
1 tomato
3 tbsp pizza sauce
3 tbsp shredded parmesan cheese

Slice the onion and saute on medium heat to caramelize it. Keep it aside. Cut the tomato in half and drain the seeds and juice. Slice and keep aside. Wash and dry the spinach leaves. Break them into pieces.

Preheat oven to 425 F. Get you cast iron pan out and keep it ready. Flour working surface and transfer the ball of dough to it. Using floured hands work the dough until you a flat disc. Follow instructions here. Place the pizza base in the cast iron pan. Add the caramelized onion, spinach, tomato and shredded cheese to one half leaving about an inch on all sides.

Add the tomato sauce over the top.

Fold the pizza base in half to form the calzone. Seal the edges.

Using a sharp blade make three cuts on the flap to allow steam to escape.

Bake for 10 minutes. If you like a brown crust rub a little butter over the top and bake for another 15 minutes.

The calzone is done. Cut it as needed.



  1. loaded with veggies.. love this calzone!! very nicely done!!

  2. Love the calzone. Very nice. I totally forgot about calzone. Now I know what to do for the weekend :-)

  3. I love calzones, a nice variation to regular pizza. They've come out so well. Nicely done Varada. Jayanthi (

  4. wow that one healthy filling and calzone looks fantastic :) Making me drool over !!

  5. Wow Varada, you got me all drooling at your pictures!..will have to try this version as's been ages since I made a calzone..

  6. Calzone is our family favourite, love it to the core..

  7. Wow this looks delectable. .its on my to cook list

  8. Wow this looks delectable. .its on my to cook list for a long time. .nice preparation

  9. Wow Varada this is so beautiful. I keep tesing my girls I will one day make this karanji looks like I have a perfect recipe now.

  10. Ah its been a while since I made your version. .

  11. A yummy pizza, just drooling over it.

  12. After looking at this post, my husband asked me when I was baking these :) Thanks for the inspiration!

  13. Love these cheese and veggie filled calzones. Very hearty and filling.

  14. the calzones they sell here in NY are always stuffed with ricotta plus all the stuffings and are usually too rich for me I would feel sick after eating it so I haven't eaten a calzone in many years but I would enjoy this lighter version of calzone for sure


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