Bhajri Bhakri

Bhakri is flatbread that is patted into shape rather than being rolled into shape. It can be made with a wide variety of flours. Today I made it with Bajri or Pearl millet. This is a rustic version that I served with a dry cauliflower side.

This flour does not last very long. I bought it from the Indian store last week and did not get time to use it. By this week it was close to its use by date. My daughter asked me if I was making the cement poli again. But once she started on the puffed bhakri she did not complain. There are very few food that she does not like but loves to give them weird names. I think I am a picky eater compared to her.

You will need
2 cups bajri flour or pearl millet flour
cold water as needed

Using water as needed knead the flour into a soft dough. Now using some elbow grease knead the dough until it is supple and does not crack when pressed down. This is easier to achieve with freshly ground flour.

Heat a cast iron griddle pan. Divide into lemon sized portions. Using a ziploc bag as the base pat one of the portions into a flattened disc.

Place it on the hot pan. Cook both sides. The bhakri should puff up. To finish cooking it place it on direct heat for a few seconds. Flip to second side for another few seconds.

Take it off heat. Repeat for the remaining portions.

Enjoy it hot with fresh butter and a side of your choice.

This is my entry for week one, day three of BM #49 for the theme Indian Bread Basket.


  1. Wat a nutritious bhakri, its been ages i had this, now i miss my North Indian friend's lunch box.

  2. Love this hot off the pan with a dollop of butter! Looks lovely Varada!

  3. I have lots of bajri flour after using it for ICC. Now I know what to do with them. :-)

  4. This is quite regular at our home as well..I love this andhra style gravies..

  5. Good recipe and attempt. You can try clay tawa if available. Nutritious and very good for new mothers too

  6. Bajra bhakri looks so tasty and healthy ofcourse .

  7. These are looking really great, these taste nice when hot.

  8. Rustic looking parathas. You are a pro in ALL bread making Varada. So many recipes to learn from you :-)

  9. Wow Varada you are lucky my kids refuse bhakari. Mush like their mother used too.

  10. Very Nutritious and a nice side would make it even more better!!!

  11. Wow! Would love to make it sometime!


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