Dal and Rice in Instant Pot

How is Dal rice in the instant pot any different from the stove top version? There is not a lot of difference in taste. It is the method that is simplified. You start in the saute mode with phodni/tempering. Next you add chopped vegetables, spices etc. Finally the dal and water. You can put a pot in the pot (PIP) to cook the rice. Close the lid and let it cook for 15-8 minutes. You don't have to watch it. When it is done the pressure comes down and you can switch it off. This freedom makes the instant pot perfect for weekday morning.

When my daughter came home for summer she wanted Indian food. That was a surprise because when she was home she craved all types of food. She prefers rice to poli so I made dal rice more often than I normally would.

Dal rice combination is one of the most popular combinations in Indian cuisine. Together it is a complete protein and there is an endless variety of dal preparations.

You will need
1 cup toor dal
1 tsp oil (I use olive oil)
1 tsp mustard seeds
1/4 tsp asafoetida
1 tsp turmeric powder
1 tsp rasam powder
1/2 onion optional
1 carrot diced
1 green bell pepper diced
1 tomato

For the rice
1 cup rice
1 1/4 cup water

Wash and soak the toor dal and keep aside for at least 15 minutes. In a utensil that will fir into your IP, wash and soak the rice. Keep aside.

Add oil to the IP inner pot and power it up on saute mode. Add the mustard seeds. When they sizzle add the asafoetida and turmeric powder. Next add the onion and saute for a minute or two. Add the rest of the vegetables and the rasam powder. Saute for a minute.

Drain the toor dal and add it to pot.

Add 2 1/2 cups of water. Insert the IP stand and place the rice container on it.

Switch off the IP and restart in manual mode. Put on the lid and ensure the pressure valve is closed. Set for 16 minutes. When done let the pressure come down naturally. Dal rice is done.



  1. Looks yum Varada. Cooking in IP sounds easy. They have not as yet made it in Indian markets in a big way. Sounds like a good thing to buy.

  2. Varada, its always a pleasure when kids ask for something to eat..so good that your daughter wanted Rice..this Instapot has been making itself so enduring that I really wish we could also get hold of this..:)...sounds like it really makes life easier!

  3. Have been seeing so many recipes for the instant pot. Must be a very useful appliance and this dal rice looks so comforting!

  4. Making rice and dal in the same cooking vessel takes me back to when I was young and my mum would put dal, rice and any veggies to be boiled all stacked in tiers into a big tin. Great idea.

  5. This is how the Gujjus here make Daal and rice , thoughthey use regular pressure cooker .
    Aw ! When the kids come in i, one naturally cooks what they crave to eat .

  6. I love how the meal just comes together without much effort...

  7. I have heard a lot about instant pot but don't have the one. As the name indicates, it must be making things easier. Dal rice is always a preferred option in my family too

  8. Lovely pics.. Both Dal and Rice are a comfort food always!!

  9. I really have to put my IP into full use. I am still a little overwhelmed with it. This is great for weeknight dinner. SO quick and done in one shot.

  10. Cooking in instant pot sounds super simple, dal and rice together looks fabulous and in one shot. Fantastic.

  11. Scrumptious meal nothing can be the comfort of dal and rice! The instant pot recipes I m seeing these days really make me yearn for one !

  12. Such a comfy food. Cooking in Instant pot sounds interesting

  13. I was in Target yesterday and tempted to buy an instant pot because of so much popularity in the blogosphere but then I thought do I really need another appliance and resisted - but you are tempting me so much with this!

  14. too many IP recipes coming up this year from our BM group , and this combo meal seems to be a breeze to make ! nothing beats the comfort of home cooked food :)


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