Baked Peaches with Ice Cream

I first tasted these baked peaches at a restaurant and fell in love with them. I have always wanted to try this recipe at home. The caramelized sugar infused with the juices of the fresh peach makes a fabulous sauce for the soft baked peaches. It is a very simple recipe but every summer for some reason or the other I never got around to making it. Last weekend on our weekly grocery trip I insisted on taking my time finding perfectly ripe peaches that were perfect for this recipe. I also bought a small tub of vanilla gelato made by a company called Talenti. It was the perfect combo with the baked peaches.

You could use any stone fruit for this recipe like nectarine or apricot. Make sure the fruit is ripe. The recipe works even if the fruit is not ripe, but for best results use ripe fruit.

You will need (4 servings)
4 small ripe peaches
8 tbsp. brown sugar
2 tbsp. butter

Preheat the oven to 400 F.
Cut the peaches in half and remove the seed. Keep aside.

Cut the butter in half. Continue to half the butter until you have 8 equal pieces. Keep aside. Prepare a baking tray. Using a tablespoon measure place a mound of brown sugar in the baking tray. Repeat seven more times so you have 8 mounds. Place a piece of butter on the sugar and one half of a peach, cut side down. Repeat for all the pieces.

Bake for 15 minutes. The peaches should be soft and done. Flip them over so the cut side is facing up. Pour some of the caramelized sugar from the baking tray over the top and return the tray to the oven for another 5 minutes.

Plate the baked peaches with your favorite ice cream and serve. Drizzle the sauce over the top.



  1. Simple flavors are the best! Love those caramelized peaches and with ice cream on top, it is going to be amazing...

  2. Varada , I simply love such desserts , and seriously I am drooling over it . Wish I could grab that plate from the screen .

  3. simple and neat! lovely even for entertaining.............i wantttt!

  4. Oh that combination of peaches and ice cream looks sinful Varada, very nicely done.

  5. Quite an easy dessert to dish out, my peach loving kid will definitely enjoy this baked peaches for his dessert.

  6. Super combination of baked peaches and ice cream. I am sure my little one would love it.

  7. Peaches are my favorite and the baked one with ice cream looks super tasty.

  8. wow surely it would be a rocking dessert for the day. Baked fruit I yet to try.

  9. Love the combination of baked peaches with icecream.. perfect.

  10. Delicious.....I can imagine how delicious it would have tasted with ice cream

  11. I always prefer fruit based desserts to chocolate - this is definitely my kind of summer treat!


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