Basic Kadhi

Kadhi is a simple common everyday recipe in India. It is one of those recipes where every family has their own version. This recipe is a Maharashtrian version, the way my mother made it. It is warm and comforting on a cold winter day. It is also an easy way to use up yogurt. I had a lot of fresh and sour yogurt that I needed to finish. So I made it on a hot summer day. I usually make this Kadhi with khichadi and papad. Today I made it with poli and a vegetable side. You cannot go wrong. It works with most Indian recipes.

Weekend summer lunches can be challenging. I like to go out and hang out with my daughter but that takes time away from cooking elaborate meals. The only way out is to cook first thing in the morning. In any case the cats don't let me sleep in, they need attention at the same time everyday. The best part of cooking early morning is everything is done before it gets too hot. We get to go out and come back to freshly cooked lunch.

You will need (4-5 servings)
2 cups yogurt
2 tbsp. besan
1/4 tsp. red chili pepper powder, adjust to taste
1 tsp. sugar
salt to taste

For the tempering
1 tbsp. oil, I used olive oil
1 tsp. cumin seeds
a pinch turmeric powder
1 serrano pepper, chopped into 1 inch pieces
4-5 curry leaves

Whisk together besan and yogurt in a mixing bowl. Add red chili pepper powder, sugar and salt to the yogurt mixture. Transfer to a pan with 2 cups of water and bring to a boil. The liquid should be pouring consistency.

In a smaller pan heat the oil then turn off the heat. Add the cumin seeds and when they change color add the turmeric powder, curry leaves and chopped serrano pepper. Add the oil to the yogurt, stir and turn off heat.

Serve hot as it tastes best when hot. Store leftovers in the refrigerator and warm on the stove top before serving.



  1. That is a beautiful kadhi bowl. Love it to the core Varada. We make a slightly different version and call it mor kulambu. This also goes so well with rice and papad..

  2. Those bowls look so inviting and delicious Varada. As you said we have so many versions per state as well. Its fantastic to cook ahead in the morning and have the whole day to leisure enjoyment with kids. I mostly do that on Saturday. Hope your daughter had a wonderful time home.

  3. Kadhi is one of mine family fav dish.
    Love it with rice.. evrytime.

  4. How inviting and comforting this kadhi looks. Love kadhi with pakoras in it. Looks delicious Varada.

  5. Beautifully presented the comforting bowls of kadhi.

  6. for kadhi we fight whenever I prepare, who will eat if left some more. Looking so delicious and feels like to grab one glass for myself.

  7. I only make the regular punjabi kadhi pakoda but this Maharastrian version of basic plain kadhi sounds more comforting.

  8. As you said, kadhi has so many variation across the region.Your maharastra version dof Kadhi looks so delicious, Varadha.

  9. I too have seen so many versions - this looks like a simple and delicious one

  10. Kadhi and chawal is all I need on a lazy afternoon. Looks so delicious and I really want to eat some soon.

  11. Love the way you have presented Kadhi. We make something similar but dont use besan. Looks very delicious


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