Molecular Gastronomy - Strawberry Spheres

Last month I had no idea what molecular was. This is my first attempt and I kept it simple. I present strawberry spheres with strawberry caviar garnished with crushed pistachios.

In college I loved chemistry experiments. I enjoyed myself a lot making these spheres and caviar but decided to keep it simple until I got a better handle on the process. I bought the salts a couple weeks ago and I still have a good amount left. I will try other things in the coming weeks.

Ideally all the air bubbles should be gone before you create the caviar or spheres. That is something I need to work on.

You will need
1 tsp. Sodium Alginate
1 tsp. Calcium Lactate Gluconate
1/4 gallon distilled water
1 small carton strawberries
2 tbsp. sugar (adjust based on tartness of strawberries)
a pinch salt

1/2 tsp. crushed pistachios for garnish

Blend the sodium alginate with the distilled water. Pour into a glass bowl, cover and refrigerate overnight.

Puree the strawberries separately. Run it through a sieve to remove the seeds. Add the sugar, salt and calcium lactate gluconate. Cover and refrigerate overnight. In the morning pour some of the strawberry mixture in a silicone ice tray and freeze. Refrigerate the rest.

Ladle some of the distilled water solution in a clean bowl and heat it in the microwave until warm. Drop some of the frozen strawberry spheres into it and let it rest for a couple minutes.

Transfer to a bowl of clean water and let them rest for a few minutes. The strawberry spheres are ready.

Pour some of the strawberry mixture into a dispenser bottle.

Turn the bottle upside down over the distilled water solution and gravity control the flow of the drops from the bottle into the liquid. Let the caviar sit in the bath for a couple minutes.

Transfer to the clean water bath and let it rest for a few minutes. The caviar is ready.

Transfer the spheres and caviar to serving dishes and garnish with crushed pistachios.

I was introduced to molecular gastronomy by the 52 week challenge. This is my submission for week 11 theme Molecular.


  1. Varada, I happened to check this post today and it's simply so stunning!..:)

  2. Good Evening Madam,

    It's great to see your article on molecular gastronomy.

    Could you kindly tell where can I find all the molecular gastronomy equipment and chemicals in Delhi.

    Awaiting your reply Madam.

    Best Regards,

    Piyush Agarwal.

    1. I am not familiar with the city so I would not be able to help with resourcing the supplies. I got my supplies online.


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