Dashi (Kombu Stock)

This is a basic stock recipe that I got from here. Usually dashi is not a vegetarian stock. But this recipe uses kelp just kelp, a sea vegetable, to make the stock. Dashi is used in varying quantities in a lot of the Japanese dishes.

Heat a Kombu (kelp) leaf in 4 cups water. As the color of the water changes and well before the water boils remove the leaf.

Let the water heat some more then take it off the heat. This is the dashi or kombu stock that is used in a lot of Japanese recipes.


  1. I have this. Will make the stock.

  2. interesting one to know...new thing , will be on hold till we really warm up to the japaneses cuisine

  3. I have a whole pack of dried sheets . It still looks good. Though I don't like the taste much, I got a pack.Let me see if I can use it up by trying out your recipes...

  4. never before worked with this ingredient - thx for introducing a new one to me


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