Sabudana Vada in Appe Pan

Sabudana vada or sago fritters make a very tasty snack provided they are cooked right. Unfortunately, they are deep fried. That is one of the reason I have not made them in years. Recently I acquired an appe / aebleskiver pan and I started experiments to replicate all the traditionally deep fried snacks. Sabudana vada was one such experiment and I am very happy to report it was a huge success. In fact, they were gone before I knew it and I was left with just these three for my pictures.

Sabudana vada are made as a tea time snack. As all the ingredients are accepted as fasting food some people indulge in these when they are fasting. I am glad I found a way to make them without having to deep fry them. Now I can make them often.

You will need
1 cup sabudana or sago
1 small potato
1/4 cup roasted peanuts, coarsely ground
5-6 sprigs cilantro
1 tsp. red chilli powder
1 green pepper, minced
1 tsp. sugar
salt to taste
Olive oil to cook the wada

Rinse the sabudana and place it in a bowl with a cup of water. Cover and keep aside. After an hour sabudana should have soaked up most of the water. Stir the bowl of sabudana. If it is dry sprinkle some more water, if not cover and keep aside for another 2-3 hours. Do not let it dry out completely. It should be moist.

Meanwhile boil the potato. When cool enough to handle peel and discard the skin, cut it into cubes. Roast the peanuts, mince the green pepper and wash and dice the cilantro. Add all the ingredients together except the oil. Mix well together.

Using your hands squeeze the mixture together to get the juices to bind the mixture together. This will help you to form round lime sized balls. The picture below has bad lighting but it gives you an idea of the transformation.

Heat the appe / ableskiver pan on medium high heat and add a few drops of oil in each of the wells. Pace a round tablespoonful of the sabudana mixture in each of the wells. Be careful, it will sizzle and may splatter.

When the underside begins to brown turn the vada on its side. As it cooks continue to turn it until all sides are completely brown.



  1. That's really superb Varada, though I won't actually eating the deep fried sabudana vada, I always end up feeling bad because it has so much oil...this is such a great way to make it..

  2. Looks great! Nice way doing in that pan..

  3. Wow lovely idea to make sabudana vada..yumm

  4. The sabu dana wadas are a blessing if made in the appam pan..they soak so much oil..I haven't had them in years..good one Varada.

  5. Excellent idea, now am tempted to give a try to this version.

  6. Nice,y done. Using an appe is such a nice idea. Jayanthi(

  7. I just made sabudana khichdi today and I am sure these will be loved at home just as much!

  8. Those sabudhana vada look so tempting. I'm going to try these soon.

  9. I loved these vada when I made it in the april marathon and this healthier version makes it even better

  10. We love these vadais but dont cook much because of deep frying...should try this method

  11. Nice one Varada. Bookmarked. I was wondering what to do with my appam pan other than making appams. ;)

  12. Bookmarked! Will let you know how it turns out.


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